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Are you looking for an Implant? Trouble-shooter? In-house Strategist? Volume Recruitment Manager? Consultant of Recruitment?

Look no further !

Maltings Recruitment can supply an individual(s) to sit within your business on a short or long term contract to carry out a number of different requirements - but essentially always looking at improving, creating, streamlining and/or managing your in-house recruitment process/approach.

This may be through one of the following:

  • Creating and Implementing a Recruitment Strategy, Practices and Procedure
  • Improving and/or streamlining Current Procedure
  • Creating ‘on’ and ‘off-line’ Advertising Strategy / Recruitment Identity
  • Implementation and creation of Talent Banks, Effective Databases and Succession Plans
  • Training of HR and Line Managers to become More Effective Recruiters
  • Creating the tools to Allow Line Management to Recruit with Greater Confidence
  • Outplacement Service – Supporting those being made redundant
  • In-house Assessment / Benchmarking of Employees – possibly linked to appraisals
  • Managing Volume Recruitment Campaigns
  • Outsourcing of all Recruitment and/or Human Resource Functions – we take over your team

This work is billed on a ‘day rate’ basis where the ‘implanted person’ becomes an extension of your, the clients, business.

As with all of our recruitment activities, we are very flexible to any of your needs and the list above is not meant to be an exhaustive one. Should you wish to discuss further please don’t hesitate to call Nick Carnes on 07793 906776.

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